Strive to empower.

Though coming from challenging environments, our pupils are bright, disciplined, and very focused on competing with the more privileged pupils for the best academic excellence.


To begin an education facility for the poor and vulnerable was always the vision of the director, hence the birth of Emmanuel Christian School. Year by year, we have grown, from three children in 2006 to over 250 children currently. Our strength comes from our staff’s compassion, commitment, teamwork, and continuous improvement in the children’s performance. We currently lead in the zone competing with over 26 other schools.

Young people need to access counseling support easily and when they need it. At Emmanuel Christian School, guidance counselors provide this invaluable service to the children. Always putting in mind that majority of these children need parental love and guidance, we believe that making a difference in the life of a child and a community is possible. Our faith, commitment, dedication, and perseverance drive us to see the great opportunities each child has within for their future. We believe that the children who learn here will have the knowledge that someone does care, not only for their academic excellence but in their overall development as well.

The school provides two meals a day to the children: a cup of porridge and bread in the mid-morning break and a lunch meal. To sustain the feeding program, the school has a leased farm where we plant maize and beans. Our dream is to purchase at least five acres of rich agricultural land that would be capable of producing enough food for all our children. We hope to do this as well as rear milk cows, goats, and chickens that will provide an income to the school as well as feed our children.

We dream of providing computers to our children in line with the 21st century. We already have a donor willing to supply us with laptops, but the lack of permanent and secure buildings is our challenge.


Since we serve one of the poorest and highest-risk villages in Machakos county, our parents are drawn from the low-income levels of the community. With empowerment and participation in community programs, we educate the local community through training, enabling them to thrive socially, spiritually, and economically with the goal of ending extreme poverty and suffering.

Each class has a maximum of 30 students.

The number of questions is dependent on the academic level of the children.

There are three terms in the academic year running from January to December. Each term is three months with a holiday break of one month each.

Our school is faith-driven.

“Emmanuel” means “God with us.”
So far, we have seen God’s faithfulness.


Year Founded




Rank in County


Staff Members

Staff and Faculty

4 pre-school teachers;
8 primary school teachers;
2 staff members.

Zipporah Maina holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Kenyatta University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, a Diploma in Social Sciences and Counseling Skills from ARLT Foundation, an International Certificate in Advanced Christian Leadership from Haggai Institute, and a Diploma in Theology in Practical Ministry.

Having served the school the longest since 2010, Stephen Mutinda has risen through the ranks to become a reliable administrator.

Janet Musembi is a reliable upcoming administrator who holds a Primary Teachers Certificate P1.


Leading with Insight

Our teachers are very patient and work with a heart of compassion.


Emmanuel Christian School provides a rich blend of academic excellence and extracurricular activities.


Emmanuel Christian School is the first to offer free and cheap education to needy children in the area.


Willing to offer voluntary services, our teachers understand the various circumstances for each of our students.